Week 4 GMOT

Week 4 GMOT

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Week 4 Game Previews:

Saved by the Ball (-1.5) vs. Nerdblasters
After pulling off a close upset last week against MFR, Saved by the Ball seems to be back on track in their quest for the SB Kickball Cup. It’s clear they have the talent. As long as they can avoid making noob errors, Saved by the Ball will continue to be a tough opponent. Nerdblasters enters this week with a little swag after a decisive victory against Sole Assassins. It took a few weeks, but they seem to finally be meshing together as a team. With both of these teams on top of their games, this should make for an exciting matchup tonight. Prediction: Saved by the Ball takes a very narrow 5-4 victory of Nerdblasters.

Ball Busters vs. Urine Trouble (-3)
Ball Busters continues to struggle to find some consistency in their offense against better teams. While their defense has been respectable, getting base runners is still a challenge. Urine Trouble enters this week with strong, yet defensively sloppy win over New Kicks allowing the nooks to score more in one game than they have all season. If Ball Busters can somehow manage to find the gaps in UT’s defense they might be able to pull off an upset. Prediction: Urine Trouble takes the win but fails to cover the spread.

New Kicks on the Block vs. MFR (-5)
New Kicks on the Block… clearly a drinking team with a kickball problem. While they have yet to record anything in the win column on the fields, they are, by a wide margin, the leaders in the Bar League Standings. After a masterful Survivor Flip Cup performance by Audrey Miller, can they recreate the magic and take home the SB Flip Cup Tournament Trophy? Only problem… well, they’ll need to play some kickball first. MFR comes off a very disappointing loss last week Saved by the Ball. With the amount of veteran talent they have, it can still be a struggle to figure out a consistent defensive rotation. The easy game this week will hopefully allow them to experiment while getting back some of that early season confidence. Prediction: MFR covers the spread in an easy win.

Sole Assassins vs. #jamaicanmerunmahn (-3.5)
Sole Assassins had a tough loss last week at the hands of the Nerdblasters. Their offense is clearly capable of putting up decent numbers but their defense continues to let games slip away. They have a tough schedule these next two weeks so unless they figure out how to make some effective defensive adjustments, there is a high possibility of them entering the mid-season break with a perfect 0-5 record. #jamaicanmerunmahn split their double header last week and put up a quite impressive and exciting game against The Douches… err… I mean Draft. Prediction: #jamaicanmerunmahn covers the spread against the struggling Sole Assassins.

The Draft (-4) vs. Nerdblasters
The Draft has been on cruise control these past few games worrying more about their hair (referring to one guy in particular) and what types of amazing beers Kyle brought rather than playing 5 innings of intense, hard hitting kickball. Snooze a little too much though and a team like Nerdblasters just may surprise them. If Nerdblasters manages to pull off a victory in their early game tonight, watch for them to carry that momentum into this game and give The Draft a bit of a run. Prediction: The Draft wins in a very low scoring game but take Nerdblasters to cover the spread.

Bar League Week 4 Challenge

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South Bay Flip Cup Tournament of Champions

Event details here.

Flip cup. Flip what?? That’s right….It’s time to crown a new South Bay Flip Cup Champion!!

*Single Elimination
*7 Cups (you don’t need 7 players — some can double up if need be)
*Points will also count towards the Bar League

Be sure to let Dennis know if your team will be participating. Tournament brackets coming soon…..



Week 3 GMOT

Week 3 GMOT

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Game Previews:

#jamaicanmerunmahn (-2) vs Ball Busters
The jury is still out on this Ball Busters squad.  After a dominating week 2 performance against NKotB, league analysts are still unsure of whether that was a fluke, or a preview of more to come.  Ball Busters will have a real test on their hands this week against #jamaicanmerunmahn provided Dustin and crew actually show up and the dynamic duo of Mo and Mabel are sober enough to find the fields. Prediction: Not yet convinced of the potency of the Ball Busters vets, take the Snoop Lion entourage to cover the spread.

Nerd Blasters (-2.5) vs. Sole Assassins
Sole Assassins continues on their downward slide this season still struggling to pick up a first win.  Could it be karma from the kickball gods for the stunt they pulled during playoffs last season?  Nerdblasters enters this game carrying some momentum after a close win over the #jamaicanblahblahblah.  A win here for the Nerdblasters will be big for their confidence entering next week’s matchup against  The Draft.  Prediction:  ROBOBlaster with a big 3-run home run boot late in the game to seal the win.

Urine Trouble (-5) vs. New Kicks on the Block
If this game has any sort of semblance  to Urine Trouble’s double header games last week, expect it to be a 2 hour long spectacle of a drunken Brett “don’t touch my mohawk” Bauer throwing one pitch every 5 minutes with slurring and dancing needlessly in between while his team yells at him.  New Kicks on the Block in the mean time is looking to extend their perfect record of zero wins on the field as quickly as possible so they can get to the bar in order to practice for this week’s Bar League Challenge.  Prediction:  Brett gets benched and Urine Trouble cruises to an easy victory.

MFR (-4) vs. Saved by the Ball
After what appeared to be a NOOB breakdown in last week’s game against UTi, Saved by the Ball is looking to put on a strong performance against the highly touted (and slightly overrated)  MFR squad in order to reestablish themselves as true contenders.  A tight defense will be vital against this veteran team as MFR has the ability and the personnel to capitalize on any small mistakes.  With Sarah Shasha back at the helm this week, watch for MFR to put together a dazzling display of dominance while not spilling a single drop of booze.  Prediction: MFR takes the win in a close matchup.

The Draft (-2) vs. #jamaicanmerunmahn
Inside sources report that with the Best of the West 2013 tournament happening on Saturday morning, a lot of players on The Draft may have been sent home early in order to rest and prepare.  Whether or not the league fines the Draft’s front office for making it’s star players unavailable  for Friday’s matchup will be up to the commissioner (who also happens to be one of the aforementioned star players).  Prediction:  #jamaicanmerunmahn pulls off a narrow upset against the depleted roster of the Draft.